Add Buttons to Your Phone

Wow! I just watched this youtube video where the guy demonstrates a set of stick-on buttons that he refers to as “nipples”. Basically you just stick them onto the back of your android phone and launch an app in order to configure which app you want to launch with each button. You can then activate things like the camera and torch at the touch of an external button.

Looks a bit ugly and no clue how they work with no power, but I’m gonna get some!

What to do if You Are Arrested for DUI

DWI Arrest Police CarDriving under the influence is one of major crimes that many people get arrested for in San Antonio. After you have been arrested for this crime, it is good to know what you are supposed to do to ensure that you get the best from your case. The most important thing is to ensure you work closely with a DUI lawyer to enhance chances of you getting acquitted. This article offers you some of the things you need to do if you are arrested for DUI.

Find a good place to pull your car over

After you have been arrested for DUI, it is good to note that the police will begin to make observations that they will put in their report. The report presented by the police has great impact on the results of your criminal case. One of the major things that the police officers do is to make a mental note on how you pull over. In case, you drive erratically, stop abruptly or pull over in a place that is unsafe, the officers will record in their reports and this will work against you in your case. Therefore, make sure that you pull over in the right manner to give the police nothing to put into their records.

Be polite

You need to respect the police officers with great respect, this will reduce the chances of conviction. In case, you decide to be hostile or rude, the officers will do everything possible to ensure that you get convicted by writing an incriminating police report. Comply with everything that the police tell you to avoid then adding another charge for resisting arrest.

Do not try to make sudden movements

Police officers are trained to be careful and give themselves enough protection. In case you make sudden movements, the police may think that you want to attack or harm them. They will view you as aggressive and add this to your crime counts, thus making your case stronger.

Do not answer any potentially incriminating question or lie

Make sure that you do not incriminate yourself by answering questions such as how long have you been drinking or how much you have drunk. Answering such questions will just make your case strong and increase chances of your conviction. If you answer, just say you have taken one or two because such amount will not put you over the legal limit.

Only take a test at the police station

The law requires that you take a chemical test at the police station. You can either take a breath or blood test. Your DUI attorney will advise you to take breath test because they give more unreliable results whose validity can be attacked easily in court.

Contact your lawyer

Then, it is time to hire a DUI attorney San Antonio who will fight for your rights. You need to seek a qualified lawyer who has great knowledge in DUI law. The lawyer will help your case be resolved before being taken to the court or represent you in the court and prove your innocence.

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Local Harrogate Plumber

plumber installing a bathroomMistakes in plumbing installation or repairs can often be disastrous. They can also lead to heavy repair costs and a lot of inconveniences. It is therefore very essential to consider the plumber to hire in order to get the best value of your money and avoid the risks involved. The following are things you should consider before hiring a plumber in Harrogate town.


Plumbing Qualifications:

You should ensure that you hire a plumber with the qualifications required to work cautiously and competently. It is therefore important to ask the plumber his/her level of experience and qualifications. Furthermore, the plumber should possess the relevant certificates as a proof of the plumbing courses attended.


Plumbing License and Registration:
The plumber should be licensed and registered. A license is necessary as it confirms that the plumber has completed the relevant coursework. A registered plumber with a plumbing organization may receive regular training and his work is assessed annually. Registered plumbers also normally work under a prescribed code of conduct. Therefore licensed and registered plumbers can do their work more effectively and efficiently.


Plumber Insurance:

You should ensure that the plumber has legitimate public liability insurance policy. This covers you in case a risk occurs during plumbing installation or repairs. The plumbing company should also have a valid insurance policy on workers compensation in case a worker is injured while working in your home. This may relieve you the cost involved in treatment of such a worker.


Recommendations and References:

You should consult family, friends and other people who had been served by the plumber in a similar job. The social media like the Facebook can also provide an avenue where one can check reviews and comments about a particular plumber. All these will enable you to compare and contrast the various plumbers and settle on one to hire.


The estimated Cost:

Professional plumbers normally want to visit a site in order to evaluate the work and give proper cost estimates. A plumber who just hear of a project over the phone and give estimated costs may not be reliable. This is because the estimates maybe inaccurate. You should therefore insist that the plumber visit your home to see what you want done. It is also imperative to get estimated costs on the same job from at least three independent plumbers. This will enable you to make significant comparisons and select the best offer. You should ensure that there are no hidden costs. In case a plumber offers coupons, they should be evaluated carefully to ensure they are not misleading.


A written Contract:

The plumber should be willing to enter into a written contract. The contract should include clear details like; the intended work, time schedules, name of any subcontractors, the quality of materials to be used, warranties and terms of payment. The written contract may cushion you in future if the plumber fails to honor the terms and conditions of the contract. This is because you can take legal action.

By considering the above factors, you can a hire a plumber who will offer you a superb plumbing service.